Sechsköpfige Band, die mit ihrer Mischung aus Pop, Funk und Elementen von Rock, Punk und Jazz zum Tanzen einlädt.

Lovely people, the time has finally come.
We have waited long enough.
For this cosmic revelation.
Live @ CulturCafe Smaragd in Linz, the magnificent psychedelic-rock band from Athens supported by the Austria-based funk/alternative rock band Bastards Mustard. Spread the news, tie the shoes and don’t refuse. It’s gonna be a blast!
Begin: 20:00
Dury Dava is a five-piece band from Athens, Greece formed in 2016. Their original music spans across several genres, paying tribute to the raw grit of 60’s psychedelia and 70’s krautrock, fusing elements from the Greco-Turkish musical traditions such as odd rhythms and folk dances with a punk mentality. In their hometown, they’re known for their explosive live shows in unexpected urban venues or mystical summer festivals on remote islands. Their debut self-titles album (double LP) was recorded live in a makeshift Athenian studio and was released in May 2019 via Patras based independent label Inner Ear Records to much praise, both locally and internationally. In April 2022 the band released their second album, entitled Deluxe. After touring all over Greece, they played with La Femme for over 8000 people at the SNFCC.
Bastards Mustard is an international band from Austria having one fundamental goal: To shake the stage and enthrall the audience with their show. The roots of their music lie in rock and pop, as well as in funk and soul. Juicy hornlines, catchy guitar riffs, sophisticated drum patterns, earthly vocals and galvanizing basslines are some features of the Bastards’ sound, which moves between warm-hearted pop, ecstatic funk and alternative rock / indie. Although the six musicians are sons of different mothers, the Bastards have a common mother: Linz as the hood, where these musical siblings got to know each other during their studies and played their first gigs of-the-books, often in underground bars and moisty cellars. They recently released their debut album “King of the Fools” (2021) and are always motivated to hit the road and share their excitement and entrancing power on stage, for an experience that one wouldn’t forget.

Wednesday 29th of November at 20.00 in Smaragd, Linz !
Be there or be square 😃

Dury Dava / Athens


Wir freuen uns auf Deine Nachricht und werden so bald als möglich darauf reagieren. Dein Smaragd-Team.