ENGLISH STAND UP COMEDY – Samantha Lackner (Linz) – 23.1. 19h30

English Stand Up Comedy mit Samantha Lackner



We know you have questions, curiosities (morbid and otherwise), and concerns about your large, unstable neighbor to the West. Guess what – we’re happy to answer them, in shockingly hilarious ways.
Ever been asked to touch another man’s gun? Do you have a family member who’s been in a police chase? Have you even had a fried Twinkie, bro?
America’s most dysfunctional family is back, and they’re continuing to spread the gospel of the red, white and blue. Samantha, Jacob, Aislinn, and Eric will be spinning tales of horror from the homeland, and then answering your questions to improvise even more comedy and stories.
Your dutiful Patriots:
Aislinn Kane (Tennessee/California)
Eric James (California/Indiana)
Samantha Lackner (Arizona)
Jacob Liss (California)
8 Euro presale/Student ID, 10 Euro tix at the door. Doors open at 19:00, show starts at 19:30!

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