Genna & Jesse – 10.11.23 – 20:30h

Genna & Jesse (hier gehts zur homepage)

are defined by a unique alchemy born of the quirky chemistry, intricate vocal harmonies and ardent storytelling which infuse their songwriting and vibrant performances. With whispers (and sometimes roars) of folk, blue-eyed soul, jazz, blues, torch song, and popular music from the ‘60s and ‘70s, their self-chosen genre “retro soul pop” doesn’t fully encompass what they conjure up in their joyful live shows and sensual, deliberate albums. These two shrug off music industry conventions in favor of doing what feels good, and this genre-defying dedication to being current and free has an exciting and irresistible effect.

Drawing inspiration from their romantic nomadic lifestyle, Genna & Jesse might best be described as modern troubadours, generously offering listeners glimpses of their always-moving world with something fresh, true and genuinely independent.

Genna & Jesse are currently touring internationally to promote their newest release, “Say OK.” Their ongoing tour, which includes club venues, house concerts, restaurants, cafes, and festivals, is being done with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

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September, 2015 –  “What an awesome performance! These two can certainly bring a sense of warmth and rhythm to any audience. Their concert marked the very first show here at The Pinnacle. More than half our audience had never attended a house concert and they just eased people into a very comfortable setting leading to an unforgettable evening. Incredible harmonies! Thank you both so much…you are awesome musicians and awesome people to host. Looking forward to having you back.“
(M. Legroulx)

August, 2015 – “Absolutely incredible! I just hosted my first house concert and it was a pleasure getting to do it with Genna & Jesse. They were instrumental in making it a successful show both while booking and during the event. The up front and honest communication leading to the event was a huge help in building my hosting comfort level. The performance itself was amazing. The vibe and connection that they built with the audience inspires people to return for later shows and provide good donations. Thanks!”
(J. Lindfors)

April, 2015 – “Genna and Jesse’s playing and singing was of high caliber. The range of their songs added to the enjoyment of their performance, and their stories and connection with the audience were great.”
(B. Inyan)

April, 2015 – “Genna and Jesse are truly a sweet and talented couple. They are true free spirits in every sense of the word, and that translates into a pure and memorable performance. Our audience loved being let into their world of love and peace and received them warmly! I can’t recommend them highly enough for their talent and kindness. All communications were timely and professional. They even took our little dog, Ginny, for a walk in the mountains!”
(B. Brogan)

March, 2015 – “Wow. Wow. Wow. Perfect in every way. Each brings something to the duo & together they are absolutely the best. Thank God for CraigsList bringing them together! We heard blues, then we heard jazz, and then we felt the heat of the NYC subway in August. These two are incredible. And I suspect there is an angel in heaven without a voice, because Jenna is using it.”
(S. Duenker)

January, 2015 – “Over 80% of our guests were house concert newbies. And this concert sealed the deal on their desire for more. With an added bonus of Genna’s dad on sax/flute, the evening was simply beautiful in every way.”
(J. Thurman)

January, 2015 – “Genna and Jesse were fantastic. We held the concert outside in back yard. Great sound and lighting. They are super talented and related well and made everyone feel like friends. We had about 26 to 28 guests with everyone thoroughly enjoying show.”
(A. OHara)

November, 2014 – “This was the 2nd concert of Genna & Jesse at home this year! (a TenTen format this time). They are definitely a great duo, many friends came over again! Additionally, G&J are lovely people, we spent a very good time together at home.”
(M. Goguey)

August, 2014 – “A lively and fun show for all ages. Genna and Jesse were clear on their expectations and were easy to work with. Their wholesome style and love songs illuminated years of dedication to each other and their art. Great show, wonderful conversation, and lovely house guests… triple threats for sure!” (A. Fletcher)

March, 2014 – “Awesome performance, great voices, beautiful accompaniment (piano & guitar) and wonderful compositions!! We highly recommend Genna & Jesse!” (M. Goguey)

February, 2014 – “We enjoyed a very romantic Valentines day show with Genna and Jesse! They performed at lot of love songs, as you would it like to be on such a day! Their interpretations of other artist songs is great, but especially their own songs are great to listen to. Both are very passionate musicians! It is fantastic to see and listen! They created a very intense connection to our guests. We all have been touched by the soul! They are very gentle guests and it was great to share everything with them.” (P. Otto)

February, 2014 – “If you like the music of Genna & Jesse on cd, you will love it on stage! They caught the audience from the first moment. Very intense, very personal. Genna & Jesse have something to tell – in their songs and in between.” (R. Voltmer)


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