K.B. 3 or Culturally Free + Jam Session am 19.12.2017, 21h00

Cultur Cafe Smaragd Linz-Event-Culturally Free

Am Dienstag den 19.12.2017 ab 21:00 spielt Culturally Free klassen Folk-Rock und Indie-Folk und startet später eine Jam Session im Cultur Cafe Smaragd.

The lineup includes:
Keith Borizz – vocals, acoustic guitar
Thatiana Gomes – doublebass
Lizzy Cat – vocals, meldodica.

A mixture of Keith’s new & old songs is gonna be played. It’s an experiment to check the sound of culturally free. Somewhere between winter melancholy and the hope for change. A new seed of togetherness. With a jam session afterwards. So come and enjoy and, or play with us. Love&Peace.

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