ENGLISH STAND UP COMEDY – SID SINGH – 15. 5. 19h30 – 21h30



In Stitches is thrilled to announce the return of one of out favorite acts to work with, the ever hilarious Sid Singh!

About the act:
Sid Singh is an American-born comedian who can be seen on stages all over the world. Currently based in the U.K, Sid is a regular at the legendary Top Secret comedy club, a writer for the BBC and still manages to find time to sell out tours across the U.S, U.K, EU and Middle East. His comedy tackles social issues and self-deprecation in a beautifully unique way, where instead of getting preachy or pretentious, Sid Singh remains well aware that if he’s going to call the world out on its bullshit, he has to start by calling himself out on his own bullshit.

On top of being a world-class comedian, Sid Singh also works as a humans right lawyer and funnels a large amount of the money generated by his tours into projects that protect Refugees and Women’s rights.

Ten years ago, reigning comedians comedian Sid Singh did his first-ever hour-long show. It went horribly. At the end, a 10-year-old child walked over to him and said, ‘Don’t worry, one day you’ll find out you’re good at something’. This is a brand-new show about American colonialism, British Taco Bell and mediocre Indian ancestors, all with the greatest, most noble aim of all: to prove that dumbass kid wrong.

‘Non-stop laughs’ ***** (TheatreWeekly.com).

‘This is a great show. Very, very funny’ **** (Scotsman).


Wir freuen uns auf Deine Nachricht und werden so bald als möglich darauf reagieren. Dein Smaragd-Team.