Triple Konzert: ASHINOA/ANDO/BLASSER KYREN – Di 15.11.19h

Ashinoa is a krautrock dementia that fans of the genre will recognize.
An artistic atavism in the footsteps of the post-Stockhausen generation, a kind of round table of geniuses Klaus Dinger (Kraftwerk, Neu!), Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel)… but also a kosmische musik of modern times, with a touch of electronic influences in the most experimental way.
Part of the collective Misère Records from Lyon, which also includes the bands Abschaum (who released its first album in late 2017 on Macadam Mambo) and Pratos, Ashinoa started at the end of 2015 and occupes a special place in the Lyon alternative scene.
ANDO synthesizes an unusual blend of straight jazz and desert rock elements into full-throttle jam-oriented krautrock creations.
Since forming in 2017 the band has been a central piece in Viennas psych scene, and has toured around Austria and Italy. Their new release, LP “Send Dunes”, is a collection of songs about human incapability: Collective incapability to effectively adress problems we face as a species and individual incapability to interact naturally with one another.
The desert is a recurring theme all over the bands new creations, used both as the direct symbol for climatic disaster and as a metaphor for the lack of inspiration and creativity that is fueled by the omnipresence of social media in everyones lives and the consequent loss of human interaction.

Blasser Kyren erschüttert und rührt um. Aber nicht, dass man dabei nicht abheben könnte. Paragleiten nichts dagegen. Elektrische Gitarren, Synthesizer, Bass und Drums schaffen großartige Sounds: treibende Rythmen treffen auf berührende Melodien und einnehmenden Gesang, lautstarke Riffs sind in feinfühlige Kompositionen verwoben: unheimlich schöne Klangräume, die zum Tanz einladen.
Die fünfköpfige Band aus Wien nimmt im Spätherbst 2022 ihr zweites Album „August Room“ auf. Als Vorbote erschien im Juli die Single „Gfris“.


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