POETRY EVENT mit Nurhan Altaai – Sa 5.10.19h

“Hereby I’m more than happy to Invite you to my first poetry-only event where you can sign up to recite your poems/texts or simply volunteer from the audience”.

Entrance – 2-5€ free Donations!

Nurhan Altaai

NOT a poetry slam!
If you’ve been thinking of ways to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, THIS IT; get on stage and talk! Read out your poems, texts and thoughts!
If you’ve never been on stage before, if you’ve never read out your words before, if you don’t even know anyone in the audience let me tell you something from personal experiences: it is the best feeling ever. Once you’re up there and you stutter the first five seconds but then realize what you’re doing and how f*cking amazing you are for having the courage to do that, it’ll be an experience you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. Take your opportunity and do what you never thought you could do. Be honest and fierce. Be afraid but do it anyway.

– you’re also welcome to watch/listen only!! –

Bring your friends, bring a date or treat yourself with a chill poetry evening alone 🖤


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