Alfred Ladylike / ukulele cabaret- So 21.10.19h30


Alfred Ladylike (ukulele cabaret – Berlin/Boston)
Drawing inspiration from Frank Zappa, Adventure Time, David Bowie, and Amanda Palmer, this patron-powered ukulele songstress bangs out witty little ditties and juicy folktronica jams for queer nerds, alien weirdos, and anyone else who enjoys theatrical music with soulful vocals. Alfred toured Europe in 2017 with Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel, and she was the frontwoman of feminist uke rock band Donut Heart, whose self-titled EP is available on Bandcamp.
“Alfred Ladylike’s enthusiastic ukulele vibes will break your damn (donut) heart.” – Michalina Gorajek for reprojustice 2017


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