The Tapi Project – UrbanFolk – India-Summer-Special

Urban Folk Music from India

TAPI echoes the contemporary India and its new gods & demons: urban life, money, lost roots, alienation, etc… and the challenges faced by the common man in a modern world.

TAPI’s music is woven like a fabric, organically grown on Yogi’s poetries. Through Swati’s powerful and sensuous voice, the lyrics are coming alive, swallowing us in an ocean of emotions, singing stories about rivers, cramped up life, lost values, and  in essence, the universal search for the self .

The group’s sound is a mix of funk and folk on a hypnotic contemporary tribal groove. Following is the Official Video of the song Paigam (The Message) which is the highlight of the eponymous album The Tapi Project launched in 2016.

The song is about meaning what we are saying, and how despite modern modes of communication (or maybe because of them), we are more and more estranged from each other…


Wir freuen uns auf Deine Nachricht und werden so bald als möglich darauf reagieren. Dein Smaragd-Team.